• When will REVENGE OF THE SLUTS be published?

           February 2, 2021!

  • Is REVENGE OF THE SLUTS available to pre-order?​​

           Yes! Click here to pre-order.

  • Is REVENGE OF THE SLUTS about revenge porn/nonconsensual pornography?

           Yes! It is an entirely fictionalized story, but multiple real-life examples were consulted to help frame the story and ensure accuracy. It is also a book about high school journalism, censorship and slut-shaming, among other things.

  • Is REVENGE OF THE SLUTS sexually explicit? What age range is this book appropriate for?

            It is not sexually explicit; because this is a YA book, the mentions of nude photographs are general and no more graphic than what would be mentioned in a traditional news publication. It is recommended for readers ages 14 and up.

  • Where did the idea for REVENGE OF THE SLUTS come from?

           A combination of the author's experiences with student journalism, volunteering as a victim advocate, and her desire to help make social issues accessible and interesting for teens. 

  • Where can I go for book updates?

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